Five tips for successful deer hunting.

I know I used the word still but still hunting does not mean sitting still it means walking through the countryside looking for a deer sometimes it’s called deer stalking well I don’t like to use that term because I don’t want to be known as a deer stalker makes it sounds like I’m sending him texts and emails and harassing him but the thing with still hunting is that it can be effective under some conditions but most of the time it isn’t in an environment like this especially in a few weeks when deer season starts most of this the vegetation is going to be dead and dry and walking on it’s like walking on cornflakes and you will make a lot of noise there’s been a few occasions where I’ve been just sitting somewhere in the woods or sitting on a stand and a still hunter just happened to walk by there’s been occasions where I’ve seen deer go by not one that was legal to shoot and the deer I look at it and think that deer looks spooked look at my watch the hunter walked by five minutes later and I’ve seen that on multiple occasions quite often you’re making enough noise

you are pushing those deer way out in front of you now the times we’re still hunting in work is especially when it’s windy or even more so rainy you get up in the morning and if it’s a windy rainy day not a monsoon but a light rain that will get the deer up and and that wind and rain will cover your scent and your sound and if you’re on a good trail still hunting can be very effective I’ve gotten up in the morning walked on a good trail walk a mile out in the mile back on a sunny day didn’t see anything get up the next morning it’s windy and rainy walk that exact same trail see 20 deer shoot one of them still hunting under the right conditions can be effective but most of us just do not have the stealth to do it effectively and as my friend Lester said there is nothing louder than someone who’s trying to be quiet now next on my list is hunting from a stand now let me show you a deer stand a really good method for hunting depending on

where you are and what you have available to you is a stand or a blind now sometimes does have a stand in a tree and sometimes you buy them at the store but a lot of people just build them out of whatever materials they have this one’s made out of particle board and corrugated aluminum it’s got this nice window that opens and it has a rudimentary camouflage paint job but what really makes it camouflage is the fact that it’s been here for years and so to the deer it’s just part of the background also you see this environment you’ve got a lot of leafy trees remember in a few weeks when deer season starts all those leaves will be dead and on the ground so they’ll be very loud to walk on making the blind an even better idea but even though this area will be a little more open once all the leaves are on the ground still about the part of the shot we’ll take from here will be approximately 60 meters now this blind has a really high-tech blue tarp as a roof also this gun port overlooks this open area that looks like a road but it isn’t and there’s another gun port on the other side looking into these trees over here so you might have anywhere from a 30 meter to 150 meters shot you may also see that over my left shoulder is a cabin back there well it’s got a wood-burning stove and that’s where everybody goes for lunch after a morning of sitting in this blind now this may look very low-tech and it is this doesn’t even have any attempt to camouflage it but it doesn’t need that because it’s been here for years and again to the deer it’s just part of the backdrop and I can tell you that my crew shoots deer out of this blind every year and for those who want to cast dispersions on our blue tarp deer blind these are just some of the deer we’ve shot from that blind and I don’t mean dating back to the Nixon administration

I mean just the last few years now up here is a wide-open area and that can easily be over watched from some kind of stand or blind but when we get into this area behind me this is a death laid with a lot of thick foliage entity and in areas like this this is a really good place to do what we call it deer drive and that’s where you have people in various locations at one end of it and then other people walking toward them hopefully pushing the deer out now as you pan across this area you’ll see that this foliage doesn’t look all that thick and as you can see this brush gets really thick really fast there could be a platoon of deer hiding in here and you’d never see them a drive can be a very effective way to hunt deer but there’s some downsides to it as well one of those being from what I understand it’s illegal to do deer driving in some jurisdictions there’s also the matter of you can’t do it by yourself sometimes

you need three four or five even a dozen people also a big requirement is that those people have to know the area and be able to work together and have to stay on task let me tell you an anecdote a while ago I had a path that I could walk along that I thought I could walk along quietly didn’t work out and I walked in there and I saw just a glimpse of a deer as it disappeared here and just a glimpse as it disappeared there and I thought okay I need someone staged on the other end so I coordinated with the guy I was hunting with and put him on top of a hill and then I walked through that area I see a couple of deer just a glimpse of their tail as they run out what should have been right in front of him great until 1 minute later I see him walking toward me over here well it was a 5-minute walk from there to where he was he hadn’t been there when the deer walked by because he couldn’t stay on-task and nothing ruins a deer drive like people who can’t figure out what they’re supposed to do and stay on that task another downside to the deer drive is you’ve got people walking toward other people that are waiting for something to shoot at safety becomes an incredibly important issue now once you’ve selected the area you’re going to hunt and the method you’re going to use to hunt then you have to have the right firearm for that task now this is a winchester model 30.6 !

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